headshot pricing

make sure your first impression is a good one

Headshot photography prices can vary greatly depending on the photographer, their niche, location, and experience.

The cost of professional headshots should be considered an investment in your career – be it presenting, journalism, writing, performing on stage or screen or in the business and corporate world.

My headshot rates are affordable and provide great added value for corporate clients and teams.

you will be looked after from the moment you book until receiving your finished image…


I never have more than two shoots per day in order that we have plenty of time together and don’t rush your experience. I am aiming for expressions to reflect your personality which convey the ‘real you’ in your headshot images. This can be fast but sometimes takes time and a little bit of patience, but we will work together to get a result that we are both happy with and we won’t finish until we’ve got it.

As we go through the process we will narrow down your choices and at the end of the session, you will be able to make your final selection. You will leave me feeling confident that you know exactly what you will be getting.

Once you have left me, I will begin the careful process of retouching to finalise your chosen images.



have a look at some of my work…


confirming your professional headshots

In order to confirm your appointment, the shoot fee is to be paid at the time of booking by bank transfer.

If for any reason you need to change a scheduled session, I require 72 hours notice, otherwise you will forfeit 50% of your fee. If I am able to fill your slot with another client within the 72 hour period, I will credit your fee towards your rescheduled session


hair and make-up for your shoot

Make-up for headshots should enhance the natural you and be kept light and simple to start with. 

I work closely with a local salon where Carrie works her make-up magic and Dannie heads up the team of hairdressers. They will look after you well, and I can arrange your appointment.

If you would like more privacy I can arrange a hair and/or make-up artist at the studio, and depending on where you live, sometimes at your home.

emergency headshot prices

I understand that from time to time emergency appointments are needed and I try to accommodate my clients as much as my schedule will allow. I am even happy to bring my headshot studio to you in order to deliver the perfect headshot when circumstances are difficult.

Please expect to pay a premium of approximately 25% for last minute headshot appointments and emergency commissions; this will allow me to rearrange my diary at short notice to provide you with the best headshots available within a short timeframe.

book your headshot now

Please feel free to call me to discuss your needs, my number is 07770 855807

If you would rather email, my address is headshots@teresawaltonphotos.com

on the day

preparing for a headshot shoot

what to wear

Bring a change of outfit to your headshot photoshoot; it’s better to bring more than less for choice. We will review your wardrobe when you arrive. Please make sure everything is crease free.

Solid colours without a pattern and in a simple design are best. Don’t worry about the seasonality either.  The main rule is that you feel good wearing your outfit.

I don’t recommend jewellery because it will distract from you, but a simple pair of earrings is fine.

ladies – make-up & hair

Ladies, for make-up, keep it light and simple. I would recommend concealer and a light foundation, but minimum powder. I would avoid eyeshadow too.  It’s always good to shade in eyebrows and wear mascara, you can also use a little blusher for a healthy glow too. You are welcome to bring it all with you so that we can build it up if we need to.

Alternatively, I can arrange a professional make-up artist to be here for you, or even come to your home if you live in London.  See my price list above for more details.

Another option is to visit No 85 Salon, a local gem, with whom I’ve established a good working relationship. They have excellent hairdressers for a blow-dry prior to the shoot. And a brilliant make-up artist called Carrie.

If you are planning a haircut, I would allow it time to ‘settle down’ before your headshot photography session.

men – how to prepare

Gents, you are welcome to come unshaven for your photoshoot so we can get a few rugged images, and then shave halfway through for a smarter look.  Bring your razor if you wish; I have clean towels and well lit bathroom facilities. I provide an anti-shine gel if you need it.

a beautiful lady with a big smile wearing a grey jumper
A laughing image of a man with tatoos and a beard

the shoot

My normal style is quite modern and in landscape format, cropped in tight.  Look at the examples in my headshot portfolio so you can see what I mean. I can change to a more classic style (i.e. shot further back with a full head in view) if you would rather.

We will constantly be reviewing the shots on the computer and I will be coaching you how to look good in front of the camera.

Part of my service is to edit the session with you as we go. I will shoot a considerable number of images and together we shortlist your favourites. You will then choose which images you would like me to retouch.

If during your photoshoot there is anything that you aren’t happy with, it’s your job to tell me so that we can correct it. Please don’t be shy about it because I want you to leave totally satisfied and excited about your images; once you have left there is nothing we can do.

On arrival at my studio you will be asked to sign a model release form. This is to protect both of us.

after your headshot session

Confident actress with curly hair

My style of retouching is that ‘less is more’. I don’t make major adjustments but lots of small subtle improvements that aren’t obvious to the viewer. You will look like ‘you’ at your very best.

I will deliver your images via email with WeTransfer or Dropbox, they will be in three sizes each:

– ready for printing

– use on the internet

– and for your social media profiles

I will ask that you download and save them in a safe place on your computer.

There is a £25 charge to resend them.

I can arrange prints and framing for you, but if you would rather organise this yourself I recommend Visualeyes.  They offer my clients 10% discount and are able to add captions to your images with names and contact details, along with anything else you require.



what if i hate having my picture taken?
you have come to the right place

  I like to think this is where I shine.  I specialise in putting nervous people at ease.  I listen to your needs then we will work together and take our time to get it right.  I can’t change how you look but I can help you look your best by giving you tips and tricks when you are in front of my camera.  I will show you your images on the computer as we go; and your confidence will grow as you see how good you can look when we work together.

should i wear my glasses?
if you normally wear glasses, you should definitely bring them with you

    If you would like some shots without them, I would suggest that you arrive not wearing them so that they haven’t marked your nose.  If you have more than one pair bring them along too.

can you change how i look in photoshop?
i adopt the ‘less is more’ approach to retouching images

   I will enhance what is good about you and will fix any blemishes to make you look your best.  However, I won’t be making changes to the way you look because I think its important that you look like ‘you’.  I won’t be fixing your hair either, so its important to make sure that you are happy with that before we begin.

will you come to our office?
i certainly can if you are within driving distance

   Give me a call and let’s see what we can work out.

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