If you’re looking for prices for a new headshot to use on your website or social media, or you’re thinking of booking a headshot session but don’t know how much it’s likely to cost, let me talk you through all the things to consider before you choose your photographer.

Headshot prices can range from £50 to £500+ – you’ll want to ensure your money isn’t wasted and you get the professional results you need for your business branding or personal image. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

Whether it’s the level of specialist expertise, years of training, real-world experience, rapport with clients to put them at ease, retouching skill, or speed of delivery for your final proofs – consider the full service each photographer is offering, and DO check out their portfolio.  Are they a specialist headshot photographer? Have a look at their website to view their work. Are there plenty of examples of different people? Are the results consistent – have they made each person look good – even though they may not be model material? Can you be sure that your finished images will be in a style that you like? You can find some of my work in the Headshots Galleries on this site, arranged by types of clients with whom I often work.

how much professional experience do they have?

A good photographer will have spent years perfecting their craft, so they’ll be worthy of the rates they charge. I trained at the London School of Photography and then decided to specialise in headshots, later being mentored by one of the world’s leading headshot photographers – Peter Hurley of New York. Training with Peter Hurley was one of the best decisions I ever made. I later worked hard to be accepted as an Associate – there’s only 5 of us in the UK who are deemed good enough to meet Peter’s exacting standards, and I’m the first female in Europe.

I started with street photography, walking up to strangers to ask to take their photograph – that’s pretty scary stuff and I learnt not to hesitate once I spotted a good candidate. That period taught me to work quickly, put people at ease, and bring out their best expressions and angles without having any prior connection with them. Once I had tried several different styles of photography, I felt I had an affinity for headshots – I wanted to bring confidence to those who felt shy and clumsy in front of a camera. I want to make my clients realise that they can look good, and allow their personality to shine. I like people and haven’t always liked having my own photograph taken, so its important for me that my clients feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.

I’ve invested in my technical knowledge and equipment too, ploughing my earnings back into my personal development – this all ensures you get the best quality photographs with minimal fuss or wasted shots. I’m efficient and work quickly, yet I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I want you to look like you at your very best.

A selection of professional headshot images for a business man

does your photographer inspire confidence?

I really understand how important it is in today’s world of social media, websites, and personal branding, to appear approachable. You never know who might be looking at you online, or how important they are. It could be your next employer, a casting agent, business contact, or client. Your photographer should be interested in you and want to know what your headshots are for, I like to get a feel for the impression you want to make.

It is essential that you feel comfortable with your headshot photographer. Many of us have hang-ups about the way we look, it’s like an internal dialogue – will you be able to tell them that you hate the way your nose wrinkles when you smile? Should you wear glasses? Will people like your freckles? Do you feel like you will be put at ease even though you hate having your photograph taken? Your photographer may not be able to change the way you look, but they should listen to your needs and work with you to look your best?

A good headshot photographer has built up an array of techniques; they specialise in the face, and have an eye for micro-expressions, and will coach you on how to arrange your features to look their best in front of the camera. I tend to get my clients to stand as they normally would to begin with so that we have a starting point. Then we work together, pausing from time to time to view your images on the computer screen (which is tethered to my camera) to discover what works best for you. That way if there is anything that either of us isn’t happy with we can talk about it and do our best to fix it. It is also a good way of reviewing the images and start the process of choosing the best. This is all part of my service.

how will you choose your final images?

It’s no good receiving thousands of images that a photographer has rapidly fired whilst you stood there feeling like a lemon!

How will you choose the best? ‘Analysis paralysis’ happens when we have too much choice and you won’t be able to see for looking!

I would much rather take fewer images that are of a higher quality. My camera is always tethered to my computer and part of the process of working with me is that we review your images on my large screens as we go through the session. We delete anything which you don’t like and mark your favourites.

This helps when we sit down at the end of the session when I help you finalise which images will best represent you, and which you would like to be retouched. You will leave me confident with the knowledge that you know exactly what you will be getting.

Examples of a young female professional headshots by Shepherds Bush photographer Teresa Walton

retouching and edits?

It’s important to consider if your chosen images are going to be retouched, and by who, and will this be included in the price? Beware of your images being over-processed by a foreign laboratory – I would always suggest that you look like yourself – on a good day of course, but not ten years younger than you actually are. I would hate a situation where you turn up to a meeting or casting and they don’t recognise you from your photos! Remember you are your own brand – accurate representation, and your reputation, are what sells you or your services above others.

I colour correct your images and then make layers of small adjustments to make your pictures natural and true to life. I have been trained extensively by Master Retoucher Dave Wall and have spent years perfecting my craft.

Teresa is extremely professional, not only did she make me feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, the entire communication leading up to the shoot was clear and well organised.

I felt that Teresa was invested in a positive outcome as much as I was.

During the shoot she made me feel totally at ease with a lot of encouragement, support, and suggestions that resulted in a very relaxed experience for me and excellent photos!

Teresa totally exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michelle Manuel

Founder of Her Wealth IQ - Wealth Coaching for Women

headshots you’ll fall in love with

Every single person can feel beautiful in their photo. It doesn’t matter what the aesthetics of their face are…

– There is no magical combination of facial features that make people photogenic. Attractive people can be a mess in front of the camera, and less genetically gifted can be amazing.

– Being photogenic is doing the right things in front of the camera and anyone can be taught that.

– I aim for people to feel confident and comfortable and it is this which will show on their face.

Think about how much you would spend on a special outfit and how many times people are likely to see it. Then think about how many times your headshot will be looked at – its a no brainer really…

headshot blog

A serious headshot of the blonde female chair of a private equity company

why should you invest in professional headshot photography for personal branding?

Have you ever given much thought to your ‘personal brand’? Did you even know you had one?
The truth is that how you look and project yourself to the outside world speaks volumes about who you are as a person and as a professional.

a social media headshot for linkedin taken in chiswick

professional headshots give you the edge in job applications

Having a good headshot that you are proud of will make you feel good!

a selection of images taken when at the london school of photography

your headshot is in good hands

I’ve been trained by Peter Hurley – the world’s leading headshot photographer. I’m his first female associate in Europe.

a friendly and confident man with dark hair in a black top looking at the camera

is your LinkedIn photo creating the right impression?

LinkedIn photos matter. Your LinkedIn profile photo is a powerful marketing tool. A professional, quality headshot of yourself is important because it is your first chance to impress the people that visit your profile. Potential employers, employees, colleagues, potential customers, and journalists – can make a judgment about you in seconds!

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