There are many reasons why you may need a professional headshot.
Whether for your CV or website or just for use on your social media accounts, a professional headshot will make you stand out. Literally, head and shoulders above the rest.
But, the truth is, most people hate having their photograph taken.

  • They feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, with the attention all on them.
  • They think that the camera is not their friend.
  • And given half the chance, they would rather do anything than commit to having their photo taken.

I know this because the majority of my clients tell me this is how they feel before they book me.

It’s quite rare when I get a client who’s bursting with confidence and a complete pro in front of my camera.
But, the reality is, most of us will likely need to have a professional headshot taken at some point in our careers.
We all need photos that create a positive impression and make us look good.
So, what’s the answer?
Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Five secrets in fact…

Headshots of ladies all wearing blue

five secrets to a brilliant stress-free headshot

These five secrets will help you to feel confident in front of the camera and will banish your fears about having your photograph taken.
They literally are the secrets to success when it comes to having your headshot taken.
And they’ll help to ensure that when you do have to commit to that (dreaded) headshot photoshoot, that you achieve natural looking photos that you’ll be proud of.
These are the secrets I have been sharing with hundreds of my clients; including Harley Street surgeons, presenters, authors, journalists, CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, and actors.

helping you to feel camera confident

Why am I sharing my secrets with you?
Simply because I care about making people, like you, feel comfortable in front of a camera.
FACT: If you’re dreading having your picture taken, it’ll show in the photos.
But when you’re confident in front of the camera all sorts of wonderful things happen!
Confidence in front of the camera makes the difference between an “OK” portrait that does the job and a “brilliant” portrait that you’ll want the world to see!
And you can only be confident and relaxed if you’ve prepared properly for your headshot portrait session.
Which leads nicely onto my first secret…

secret number 1: research the market and choose an expert

As with anything in this life, you get what you pay for.
While you could, no doubt, find someone to take your headshot for little more than the cost of a round of drinks at the pub, would they really be giving you a professional quality headshot in return?
My advice would be to choose your headshot photographer carefully and to choose a headshot specialist.
A headshot specialist will do a far better job for you than a photographer who specialises in something else entirely. And they’ll certainly do a better job than your mate/ sister/colleague who likes to think of themselves as a photographer, but who barely knows their way around a camera.
Accept that to get great professional-quality headshots, you’ll need to invest in hiring a professional headshot photographer.
And believe me, if you choose wisely, that investment will be well worth it!

Three businessmen having fun laughing for their headshots

secret number 2: prepare for your photoshoot

Once you’ve booked your photoshoot, you must then prepare.
Preparation is key to you having a stress-free photoshoot experience and to achieving the photos that you want from your session.
You’ll want to consider:

  • Your outfit(s) – will you want to bring outfit changes to get a variety of photos? Do you have brand colours that you need to incorporate into your clothing?
  • How will you style your hair on the day?
  • Ladies, what makeup will you wear to make you look your best?
  • If you wear glasses, will you have photos while wearing them or go without?
  • What jewellery, if any, will you wear?
  • Gents, if you have facial hair, will you want to have that in the photos or will you want to be clean shaven?

These, and much more, are things I encourage my clients to consider ahead of their photoshoot. And those that take my advice and prepare properly for their photoshoot are the ones who are happiest with their photos because they bothered to think through the process and focus on the end result that they are after.

Headshots of business people in glasses

secret number 3: prepare more

In order to ensure that you have a great experience on the day of your photoshoot, there are further bits of preparation you can be doing.

  • I always recommend to my clients that they allow more time than they think they’ll need for travelling to my photography studio, for one! Arriving late and flustered is not a great start.
  • Also, ensure that you have the photographer’s contact details on your phone. If you are running late due to reasons beyond your control, do ensure that you keep them up to date about your ETA.

secret number 4: listen to your photographer

This is an important one. Remember, you are investing in them as the expert. They will have experience that you don’t have and know what will look good in front of the camera.
So, take direction from them and react to what your photographer is saying.
Follow their instructions, even if it means you doing things you didn’t expect!
And, if you can, try to throw inhibition to the wind!
Since no-one is watching, why not just go for it! Put all your energy into the session and really get your personality across in the photos.
Granted, you didn’t necessarily book the session because you wanted a ‘silly’ headshot. But if you really let your inhibitions go, you may just find that the best shots of you follow those silly ones.
Relaxing and going with the flow is key to a brilliant headshot.

A selection of men's headshots on a dark background

secret number 5: don’t leave your session with unanswered questions

It’s really important that if you have any questions about what happens after the shoot, that you ask them before you leave your photographer’s studio.
Perhaps you’ve asked questions such as “When will I get a chance to view my images?”, or “How many images will I receive?” etc. previously. But if you’ve forgotten the answers, don’t be afraid to ask again!
It’s so important that you’re clear on the next steps, and know when to expect to hear from your headshot photographer.

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