One of my unique points as a Headshot Photographer is that I coach my clients on how to look their best for a photograph.

At the start of any session in my West London Studio, the first thing I ask you to do is stand as you normally would in front of my camera. This gives both of us a starting point to work from in shooting the best images possible. It is my job to search for your best angle and to give tips on posture, and how to contort your face. My camera is always connected to a computer so we can constantly review the images together. I find this a great tool to teach you how to look your best – you can instantly see the difference when you listen to my advice.

From the first moment we communicate I will do my best to get to know you, and your needs for a great headshot. I feel that this is an essential part to producing the best images possible. Our relationship enables you to feel comfortable around me, which is key if you are to look and feel like yourself. There is a major trust element in a photoshoot, so you must feel able to say if you are not happy with anything. This relaxed and confident state will really shine through in the photographs.

See the images below for the clients’ initial un-coached shots in the top row, to their final coached shots underneath.

my professional headshot tips

It’s more than just my coaching that brings the best out of you on camera. You feeling good about yourself really shines through in the final shots, so it’s important that you bring a range of outfits you feel comfortable in. I recommend having multiple options to go through when you arrive – you don’t want to regret not bringing anything. You should try to steer clear from heavily patterned designs and fancy styling – they distract from your face – simple is best!

ladies: make-up & styling

For the ladies, make-up is key too. I prefer it light and simple as I like to focus on your true features. I usually recommend concealer, a bit of foundation and mascara, but would avoid eye shadow and powder. It’s important that you feel like yourself though, so if you do tend to wear more then please bring it all with you, don’t worry about it and we can experiment on the day. I could even arrange for a professional make-up artist to come along to give a helping hand.

If you are planning a haircut, I would make sure that you allow it some time to ‘settle’ and look natural before we have our shoot. I also have a great relationship with No 85 Salon, an excellent hairdresser close to my studio, where you can go for a blow dry before the shoot.

men: grooming & styling

Gents, the same rules can apply to you on the hair front. You are also welcome to come unshaven so we can get a few rugged shots (apparently the rage on dating sites!) and then shave halfway through for a smarter look. Bring your razor if you wish; I have clean towels and well lit bathroom facilities. You have the freedom to play with your look during the shoot so that you feel at your best.

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