I have talked before about how to look your best for a headshot, I touched on how I coach my clients to position their body and control their expression in order to capture the best possible shots. This is where a large part of the skill of being a photographer lies – finding the perfect positioning and then working on expression from there. Experienced headshot photographers have the skills to bring this out of their clients without it feeling too forced.


only a lucky few look great from all angles

At the beginning of a shoot, we experiment with different body positions and angles, constantly assessing the results on the computer. We will talk about the things you like and dislike about your face because although we would all like to be perfect, none of us are. Instead, we are unique and put together in different ways and it’s my job to explore your best angles in front of the camera and help you move your face in such a way to highlight your strengths. Finding your sweet spot is important to bring out the best in you – most people have a good and not-so-good side as far as the camera is concerned, only a few are lucky. Once we’ve found a few positions we both like, we work on capturing your facial expressions that reflect your personality. I will be talking to you all the time, trying to take your mind away from the fact you are in front of a camera in order to show your personality in your images…

the camera catches a split second in time

The camera can be cruel at capturing facial imbalances, things that we don’t notice in day to day life when we are moving and talking. It catches a split second in time and these imbalances appear obvious in photographs, which is why we sometimes don’t like the way we look – whether it be one eye appearing bigger than the other, or smiling in a lop-sided way. I will teach you techniques to manipulate your face and help correct your quirks so that you look as good and as natural as possible.

helping a client’s personality to shine

Practicing in front of the camera allows you to get familiar with being on the ‘hot spot’, which can be uncomfortable at first. Through familiarity and conversation, I try to make my clients forget that they are in front of my lens. I will encourage you not to care about how you look and let that be my problem – in fact I would say that the less you care, and the more you concentrate on my instructions the better your results are likely to be! If you are worried about how you look, then that will be clear in the pictures – it will seem as if you are holding something back. Helping clients to feel confident and normal allows for your personality to shine through into the finished images.

building client confidence

As we progress through your shoot we will pause to look at your images on the computer which will help you learn how to behave in front of the camera. We will delete any images you don’t like and begin to highlight those that you do. This process will help build your confidence and at the end of the shoot we will assess your images when you will choose which you would like me to retouch. By the time you leave me you will know exactly what you will be getting.

Have a look around my galleries to see some of the people who have put their trust in me.

marina fogle was coached in front of my camera

Marina Fogle lives with her husband (TV presenter) Ben Fogle and their two small children in Notting Hill. She runs the hugely popular Bump Class in Kensington which prepares expectant parents for birth, pregnancy and beyond. She also writes regularly for various publications including the Telegraph and The Times about pregnancy and motherhood.

Here is a good example of how even someone as gorgeous as Marina can benefit from being coached in front of the camera. The shot in the top right (below) is the first image that I took during our session when I asked her to stand as she normally would in front of a camera. The others were taken later on during our shoot…

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marketing headshots for teresa walton photography

what makes a good headshot?

Its my job, as a photographer, to teach you in front of my camera.

Presenters of Radio Gorgeous

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