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without a headshot your personal brand is just words on a page, an effective headshot can give the viewer a sense of who you are beyond what words can say…

I create perfect professional headshots to showcase the real and unique you. Truthful, accurate, and honest headshots with expert retouching – it’s 100% you, but at your very best.

London headshot photographer Teresa Walton

I’m Teresa Walton – an experienced, specialist headshot photographer based in West London. I photograph high-profile individuals, industry leaders, company executives, local businesses, TV and radio presenters, journalists, and other professionals to create and enhance their personal brand.

beautiful headshots connect with your customers

The right headshot can help you win more business, get a job, a promotion or seal that lucrative deal. In today’s digital world social media marketing means it’s more important than ever to cultivate and protect your online image; a small outlay, for potentially infinite gains and high ROI (Return On Investment). Cohesive branding and team photos show you care about people. Adding a “human” warmth to your website, which will lead your audience to connect with your values – not just your products and services.

social media opportunities need a quick response

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and reddit are alive and buzzing with journalists and requests for editorial contributions; make sure you’re ready for exciting blogging opportunities, interviews or magazine features by ensuring your headshot is professional, stunning and ready to send. All my headshots are supplied in digital form, naturally retouched so you can just relax, and stick to what you’re good at!

Time and again I hear the line ‘I don’t look good in photos’. Most people including myself feel the same. It will be my job to teach you how to make the best of yourself in-front of my camera


where to get a professional headshot taken

I operate my headshot business from a calm and friendly studio in West London in the former BBC Television Centre at White City in Shepherds Bush. I can also travel to your home or office, hotel, or team away day.

Emergency headshots for sudden opportunities are also possible, just ask me and see if I can fit you into one of my express turnaround headshot sessions. Travel expenses for mobile shoots and an uplift fee of 25% for short notice bookings are payable, but you’ll benefit from the reassurance you didn’t pass up that (potentially perfect) moment.

“Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen” – Roy T. Bennett

I really enjoyed the session and these are the best pictures ever taken of me. 

Teresa really cares, she wasn’t happy until it was perfect, that was genuine and lovely.

Chris Jansen

CEO Cognita Schools

headshots for presenters, journalists & high profile individuals

I have proudly photographed well-known personalities from BBC and Channel 4, radio presenters and commentators, and also high-profile business people. 

Whether you are preparing for your new role, an industry presentation, a Ted-X talk, or need material for communicating with your online audience, I can help.

Good headshots for promoting yourself to future employers, agents and casting directors are essential. You need a strong portfolio and to understand that your public profile is an advert for you. 

My aim is to coach you on how to look your best in front of the camera and to relax you so that your personality shines through in your image. It’s no good having a photograph that doesn’t reflect you.

You may have already made it to where you want to be in your industry, but if you haven’t, my images will help you stand out in our competitive and demanding world.

business headshots, corporate & fun team photos

Whether you’re an international CEO, company director, marketing manager, head of PR, consultant, or small business owner, I can work with your strategy and vision to create professional team photos or single-person headshots to suit your branding, ethos, and budget.

Some of my clients love getting creative and having fun with a more relaxed style of portrait photography – the not-so-corporate style suits anyone from web agencies to lawyers. It’s a genuine and honest feel, with less formality than the traditional headshot. I get great pleasure from coaching you to relax and enjoy yourself in front of my camera.

I am an experienced and results-driven photographer, with a range of professional lighting which I can bring to your office, hotel, or home. Partnering with make-up artists and hairstylists, we can ensure you look fresh and flawless, yet comfortable. You’ll see your photos as we take them.

You will always be assured of my individual attention and an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

In my job image is very important.  The work Teresa put into getting the right headshot has helped me define that image for my role.  Friends, family, and work contacts have noticed and been positive.

Jude Enright

Headteacher - Queens Park Community School


get more dates & find your soulmate online

Swipe left, swipe right, meet me, nope, nope, interested, favourite, nope! Ooooo helllooooo, gorgeous! 💋

On popular internet dating websites and apps – Tinder, POF, OkCupid,, e-Harmony, Zoosk – many of us will judge appearance and potential matches within milliseconds. It’s vital to make a great first impression, and a professional headshot can do just that.

We look at a dating profile photo and either feel instant attraction, instant repulsion, want to know more about the person, or sit on the fence undecided and apathetic. Is he smiling, warm and open? Is she stuck up, pretentious and entitled? Does he have low self-esteem or seem socially awkward? Is she a princess or a backpacker? What’s the deal with that grainy, up-the-nostrils, double-chinned webcam shot?! Dating sites can be a lot of fun, full of opportunities, excitement and new adventures; but it can be a tough ride if you’re unprepared.

So, what makes a good profile shot? The best pictures for dating sites are natural, accurate, friendly and up-to-date – showing your full face and hints of your body shape.

Smiling photos show we’re comfortable in our own skin; if we can love ourselves enough, we’re capable of loving another. Eye contact helps us connect and bond on a deeper level, even when we’re relative strangers. Good dating headshots can convey honesty, health, vitality, masculinity, pride, confidence, humour, open-mindedness, class, character and even professionalism. Paid matchmaking services, like dating agencies for professionals and executives, will require high-quality pictures.

Give yourself the best chance of getting your dating profile noticed and feel good about yourself. Whether you’re searching for love, dates, friends, fun, marriage or togetherness, with a professionally taken dating headshot and natural digital retouching, you’ll look like you at your very best – without being a fake. #nofilter #killthegoldbutterflies


Research shows that people form their first opinions of others in less than 1/10th of a second, and that those opinions are likely to stick. Make your first impression your best impression, especially on high-speed dating apps like Tinder

so… what makes a good headshot?

This is my headshot studio where I will work tirelessly for you to have a great experience in front of my camera.

Put simply, the best headshots are those which achieve the end result successfully. Whether that is to capture your personality, charm, and character for a business website whilst retaining a sense of authority and professional credibility. Or to keep safe and treasure the image of a loved one, child or teenager growing up. It may be to provide opportunities to connect using online and digital media or to find your perfect forever soulmate…

For more headshot tips and case studies, please check out my blog

We will work to forget that the camera is in front of you and allow your personality to shine

This is my headshot studio where I will work tirelessly for you to have a great experience in front of my camera.

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