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A headshot is an actor’s single most important marketing tool

The best headshots for actors are professional photos that capture your facial expressions, personality, and suitability for theatrical roles, castings, commercials, TV programmes, and movies. As an experienced actor headshot photographer, I’m able to explore your quirks, uniqueness, warmth, and character with subtle lighting, guiding your poses until we get both flattering and accurate images for your acting portfolio. Based from my friendly studio in West London, I’ve been providing high-quality professional headshots for actors in Shepherds Bush, Chiswick, Hammersmith, and surrounding areas of London for many years, and largely work from word-of-mouth recommendation. Some of the best actor headshots I’ve taken, whether for aspiring or established TV and stage actors, film actors, or musical theatre, appear throughout this site. Please have a look around, but here are a few of my personal favourites.

theatrical headshots & photos for musical theatre

Headshots for theatre have a primary aim – to get you castings and auditions for shows and musicals. We start with a telephone or email consultation where I try to ascertain the roles and characters you are intending to audition for, you’ll be given a headshot information pack with tips and guidance to help you prepare. I can also advise on suitable clothing and styling for your photoshoot; whether you’re an actor, performer or artist, please do bring a number of outfit choices and we will review your wardrobe together when you arrive. Solid colours without a pattern and in a simple design are best. See my blog for more tips on how to look your best. Having worked with theatrical actors, casting directors and at a range of performance venues across London – such as the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith – I get great feedback from actors, directors and casting agents on what works… and what gets you work. Theatrical headshots have to be compelling and memorable. You are your brand.

It’s important you look like your headshots when you turn up to a casting

actress headshots & female actor photos

As a female actor, you may have experienced casting photos on a bad hair day, or headshots where you later notice shiny make-up or hair in your eyes. I am not only a female photographer with great attention to detail and style; I often work with selected professional make-up artists, such as Dannie & Carrie in Shepherd’s Bush, to ensure you are camera ready. Throughout your shoot, we will review your images together on the computer screen, and decide together which images do you justice. When you leave the studio you know exactly what you will be getting. Please don’t worry about blemishes or imperfections, your chosen images will benefit from my expert digital retouching service. These actresses were glad they came to me for their photos:

male actor headshots

When photographing men, I try to capture cheekiness, ruggedness, sophistication, edginess, openness or sex appeal – depending on the role and challenges you are facing in aligning your look. Here are some headshot examples from my male actor portfolio which demonstrate how coaching and lighting (along with learning to relax) can make a huge difference to the end result. Gents, you are welcome to come unshaven for your photoshoot so we can get a few rugged images, and then shave halfway through for a smarter look. Bring your razor if you wish; I have clean towels and well-lit bathroom facilities. I provide an anti-shine gel if you need it.

expert digital retouching for acting headshots

After you leave the studio I further enhance your acting headshot by editing your digital image with lots of subtle improvements, which add up to making a big difference, which is not obvious to the viewer. Anyone looking at your finished images will recognise that it is you at your very best.

emergency headshots for actors

If you need a quick acting headshot for a sudden casting, audition, screen-test, show programme or magazine article, don’t worry about not looking your best; by the time you leave me and my team you will feel your best and wonder what you were ever worried about!


headshots for character actors

Some actors stick to a certain character type – be it eccentric, comedic, serious, powerful, ditzy, aloof or even evil – as they have found their facial features or expressions work well with these roles. As an experienced headshot photographer, I’ve seen it all. I can either guide you to ensure your acting photos represent the traits of the character you wish to play, try to create a brand new look to align you with new casting opportunities, or help relinquish you from that monotonous typecasting as the grumpy old giant or mad professor.

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