urban & street photography



One of my favourite pastimes is to wander the streets and take candid photos of the people I encounter – with their permission of course! I am very lucky to live at the meeting point of a number of different neighbourhoods, giving me access to a variety of types of people and places. There is such a range of faces, styles and settings in West London, providing me with engaging visual material to work with. There’s no pressure to please anyone with this sort of lifestyle photography and capturing the reality of an area and its people gives me great pleasure.

getting out of my photographic comfort zone

It is also a welcome break from the comfortable environment of my studio, where I am familiar with and in control of the lighting, settings, and client. However, external environments, particularly those in urban spaces, present a challenge that requires me to adapt. I have to adjust my camera settings to achieve the optimal shot, taking into account lighting and the general environment. I think that in a street setting, the background often offers a lot of value to a photograph, I also have to tailor my approach to whichever stranger is in front of me. It’s often slightly scary to walk up to someone in the street, or the park, and ask to take their photo – it usually takes me a while to warm up. I find it best not to overthink it though, so if I see someone interesting, I go up to them immediately rather than mulling it over! The gallery above includes some of my most interesting portraits – I like to imagine the story behind each person I’ve captured but enjoy never knowing who they really are.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera – Lewis Hine

citizens of london

This is David or ‘Wolfman’ to his friends. He works on the Piccadilly Line and told me that it had ‘made his day’ to be stopped and asked for his photograph. He was so friendly that I was pleased I had

I found this gorgeous girl at Portobello market. I love walking the streets to find interesting characters to photograph, it makes me feel like an undercover agent. If I find someone that I like the look of I have to ask them straight away otherwise I lose my bottle! It’s amazing what people tell me once we get chatting. By the way I don’t ask my clients to smile, but I’ll be sure to catch it if they do

See if you can find this chap in the gallery above and notice that he had two cigarettes on the go! It’s interesting to notice how he didn’t care I had a camera in my hand, which helps with the fact that he looks cool. My tip to you is that the less you care about the outcome of your headshot the better the results are likely to be…

This is Chris who is an award winning reggae record producer who owns Peckings Records. He is one of my ‘Citizens of London’ who allowed me to take this shot when I walked into his shop. As well as being a creative genius Chris is also a charming man

This lady looked stunning dressed head to toe in her vintage gear. She was only too happy to stop for her moment in front of my camera…

I wish I knew this chap’s name so that I could introduce you to him properly. I met him on Oxford Street where he was selling the Big Issue. I noticed him because he was being so kind and helpful to passers-by, pointing them in the direction in which they needed to go. He was brilliant in front of my camera too…

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