First impressions count and these days, like it or not, you will often be ‘checked out’ online before you meet someone in person.

If you are one of those people who are camera shy and has no profile picture to show on your website and social media pages, people may wonder why? Maybe you are nervous in front of a camera and keep delaying the inevitable moment, always with an excuse until perhaps…horrors… your boss arranges a random photographer (who may not specialize in headshots) to come to the office and then there is no hiding!


professional photos for linkedin, facebook and company websites

Perhaps your shot is a selfie or is cropped from a social occasion? Does it look professional? I would guess not, and you may not mind, but I would ask you to consider if it gives the message that you would like to convey? You know what a great person you are and how good you are in your chosen field, but an onlooker who doesn’t know you may not get that impression from your Facebook or LinkedIn photo.

If you are looking for professional photography for social media I can provide:

  • photos resized for your Facebook profile and Facebook cover photo
  • LinkedIn profile pictures to reinforce your professional image and credibility
  • images for your twitter profile

headshots for personal branding

A professional headshot with the right photographer will give you a personal brand, it will show your personality and style. It will show that you take your brand seriously and helps promote your business story whatever that may be. A good photographer will care, and take time to make you feel relaxed, they will look for your best angle and coach you to look your best.

Wouldn’t it be nice the next time you are asked to provide an image of yourself that you have something to hand over that you are quietly confident and proud of? A good headshot is an investment in yourself.

more affordable than you think

See my price list for more information.

You could get together with friends or colleagues and share the cost for a longer session in front of the camera – the longer you are with me, the more relaxed you will become and the more choice you will have.

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I love to work with business teams as well as individuals… Would you like to learn how to be confident in front of a camera?